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Everything to know about the TWRP Custom Recovery

As we explained in our previous Android Class, Recovery is like a mini operating system, which allows us to factory reset the phone in case of emergency. The recovery which comes with our device has limited functionalities for obvious reasons and it only allows factory resetting the device and  flashing of  few files which are signed by the manufacturer of your device. So, Custom Recovery comes into the play here. TWRP Custom Recovery is a well known and most used one by android users. Custom Recoveries developed by third party developers, which has many functionalities which manufacturer prohibited us to do. So a device needs to be bootloader unlocked before installing a custom recovery.
What can we do with a TWRP Custom Recovery?Allow the users to Flash ROM zip and Add-on zip files.Can Create Working State Nandroid Backup of ROMs.Can Easily Factory reset/WIPE the device, if ever needed and much more. What are the Other Custom recoveries available: In back olden days, there is to be…
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TWRP: Dirty flash or Clean flash, Which one to do? Know the Difference.

You may come across the Android terms Clean flash and Dirty flash, referred when flashing through TWRP recovery.  TWRP can flash zip files to your system storage. Everything from ROM to features on device distributed as zip files to flash called as Flashable zips. To Know whether to perform a Clean flash or Dirty flash, Once should classify the zip file, accordingly as a ROM zip or an Add-on zip file. Flashing is nothing but installing a required component, often referred as Flash in short. Ex: Flash a zip, Flash Su zip..etc.
Add-on Zip’s are additional zip files which provide additional functionalities for the ROM on your device. So, these are flashed up on your existing ROM on your device, without WIPING system partition. Most often, we flash add on zip files using TWRP recovery. Few examples of these zip files include GApps, Xposed Framework, Magisk, Supersu, Flashable boot logos, dm-verity….etc.ROMs are most important things to boot your device. Users can change the ROMs/ Update t…

10 Safest & Most Secure web Browsers for Android & iOS.

All the major Web browser by name Chrome, Firefox, Edge collects the user data to will use that for targeting Ads and showing relevant searchers. But if you want to be more private and leave no trace to get yourself out of Ad-targeting & to get more control over scripts, there few Safe & secure Web browsers out there. We have solved out for 10 Safest & Most secure Web browsers for Android & iOS and listed out down there.
It is common to believe that the daily browsers we use are secure. Few others also blindly believe in secure padlock symbol. The information between your browser and server; So it is safe to submit the passwords that what actually padlock symbol represents. Other than this, we get that extra mile of security we can also disable trackers, which are nowadays used to track your searches to display Ads & Video Ads. With the recent upward thrust of bitcoin, few sites are using automated scripts to use you are machine hardware as bitcoin miner (that’s a…

10 Best Android Apps Like FOREST (Alternatives) to Stay Focused

With several utility Apps, there are few Android Apps to Keep yourself away from Phone. This Just like Killing the Phone use with App use. It may sound weird but works if you are truly into it. In this post, we’re going to share hand-picked & 10 best Android apps to Stay Focused and beat Smartphone Addiction. With FOREST being the famous in the category, the remaining Android Apps like FOREST acts as Alternatives for Forest App.
Undoubtedly, the smartphone has become an essential part of our daily lives and it is hard to live our life without it.  Moreover, using a smartphone gives us tons of benefits to accomplish our work at the tips of our fingers be it sending emails to boss or ordering groceries. But with an excessive use of smartphones and continuous flow of interruptions, they cut off us from the real world. Forest App brings a solution to this while motivating you. Later many Android Apps like Forest arose and we have listed out them under Alternatives for Forest App.

[Latest] Download Odin v3.12.10, 3.12.7, 3.12.5 & All Older versions

Odin is one of the most important flash tools for Samsung smartphone users. It is used to install firmware and TWRP on Samsung phones by unlocking them. It can be also used for Unbrick Samsung devices and resetting the software to the factory. Odin v3.12.10 is the latest version, followed by older versions Odin v3.12.7, 3.12.5, 3.12.3, etc.
We have already covered How to use Odin to flash firmware & TWRP on a Samsung device. The process is almost same every time, but make sure that you are using right Firmware zips and same Odin version of the tutorial that you are following.
The tool itself is official from the Samsung and gets reliable updates. But to increase the success rate we highly advise to use only the same version of ODIN in the tutorial you are following. Download the Odin Full collection following the direct links below.
Not suitable to flash Custom ROMs like Lineage OS, CyanogenMod or AOSP as Odin does not support .zip extensions, but only .tar files. So TWRP should a…

Download ODIN v3.12.3 to Install Firmware/TWRP on Samsung Devices

Odin is the Official Flashtool for the Samsung devices provided by Samsung. It is primarily intended to flash or Install official firmware on Samsung devices. It can also be used to unlock the bootloader of any Samsung device. Unlocking the bootloader allows the users to install or flash Custom recovery like TWRP, as well as flashing of Custom ROMs. Any Samsung device can be unlocked by installing suitable TWRP image using Samsung’s ODIN flash tool. Now, Let’s look into how to use the ODIN to Install Firmware/TWRP on your Samsung Device. Before that Download ODIN v3.12.3 (Latest version) using the link below. It is even valid for all previous version too.

ODIN Update: Check here to Download ODIN v3.12.10 & All Previous Versions All older versions [Odin_v3.12.7 to v1.70]
Link to Download ODIN v3.12.3 [Latest]:Download ODIN v3.12.3In case of Flashing Firmware, Download the Official Firmware zip file from a reliable source. Then extract the ZIP file and remember that this file shoul…

Top 10+ Best Video Downloader Apps for Android to Grab Online Videos

Video Content has become most enjoyable in the world of internet. Youtube being the main player for it, several channels use to promote their brand/movies. Other video streaming like Vimeo, Hotstar, Openload are too far and had their unique type of content. While downloading each and every video is not legal, unless there is a download button provided on the site. It is also illegal to forcefully claim that work to be yours or plagiarising it. Just be careful how you are using it. Here, we are providing Top 10 Best Video downloader Apps for Android to Grab the Almost any online video. As Youtube is popular video platform, we have curated the separate list based on our previous posts. Later, we also included other Video downloader Apps to download the Embedded videos online from major streaming sites like Vimeo, openload etc. Youtube Video downloader Apps for Android: Talking about Youtube video downloaders, there are a handful of Youtube Video downloader Apps for Android. But you won’…