How to fix error 926 when downloading apps from Google Play Store

Sometimes it happens like this: you calmly load applications onto your smartphone, and suddenly when you try to download again, a message suddenly appears on the screen: “The application could not be loaded due to error 926”. There is no limit to surprise - just everything went smoothly, and suddenly there was a mistake. Moreover, it does not disappear either with the second or the third attempt to download a game or other software. We have to look for ways to fix the problem, which, in fact, we did. We offer you several effective methods to get rid of error 926 on Android devices.

Method 1: "Clear Cache and Data"

This method is to clear the cache and data of the "Download Manager". To get rid of error 926, do the following: 
1. Go to Settings >> Go to "Applications" >> Next, select "All" >> Find the Download Manager >> Open its menu and click "Clear Cache" and click " Delete data ".

2. Restart the phone after completing these steps.
3. Now try downloading the application you want from Google Play. 
4. If the message about a failed download and error 926 reappears on the screen, you will have to try another way to fix the problem. 

Method 2: "Clearing the cache and data services Google"

This method is similar to the previous one, only have to clear the data and cache services Google. The procedure is as follows: 
1. Go to Settings >> Go to "Applications" or "Application Manager" >> Select "All" and find there Google services (Google Services Framework); 

2. Open the Google services menu, click on "Erase data" and "Clear cache".3. Restart the phone. 

It is likely that this time the problem will be solved, the download of applications will resume in normal mode, and the error 926 will not disturb you anymore. If, however, this method also turned out to be ineffective for your Android device, then you can try the third method, which usually allows you to cope with most of the problems encountered when downloading applications from the Play Market, including error 926. 

Method 3: "Cleaning cache and Google Play Store data "

To reset the cache and Google Play data you will need the following steps: 
1. Go to Settings >> Go to" Applications ">> Next, select" All ">> Find Google Play Store and select it. 

2. The first of the three proposed buttons - Forced stop. Click it to stop the application.3. Clean up the cache and data.4. Once you do this, restart your Android device and try downloading the app. The error should disappear. 

For some users, it is enough to simply restart the "Download Manager" to get rid of error 926. Others have to go through all three methods. You may have found your own method of dealing with the problem and are ready to share it with other site visitors. We will gratefully accept any fresh idea and are ready to discuss it in the comments. 

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