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10 Best Android Apps Like FOREST (Alternatives) to Stay Focused

With several utility Apps, there are few Android Apps to Keep yourself away from Phone. This Just like Killing the Phone use with App use. It may sound weird but works if you are truly into it. In this post, we’re going to share hand-picked & 10 best Android apps to Stay Focused and beat Smartphone Addiction. With FOREST being the famous in the category, the remaining Android Apps like FOREST acts as Alternatives for Forest App.
Undoubtedly, the smartphone has become an essential part of our daily lives and it is hard to live our life without it.  Moreover, using a smartphone gives us tons of benefits to accomplish our work at the tips of our fingers be it sending emails to boss or ordering groceries. But with an excessive use of smartphones and continuous flow of interruptions, they cut off us from the real world. Forest App brings a solution to this while motivating you. Later many Android Apps like Forest arose and we have listed out them under Alternatives for Forest App.

Forest: Stay focused

Forest: Stay Focused is one well-known App to limit the Phone use and Keep to you going.If you’re looking for an app or a solution to limit your smartphone usage than Forest Stay focused it just perfect with those features.
Using Forest app is a remarkable, self-motivated and intuitive way to stay focused towards your work. The app motivates its users to with an interesting mechanism by earning rewards and unlocks more tree species to stay away from their smartphone with ease. But the App is more of the premium kind, not very suitable if you are looking to use it free completely. It is available for both Android & iOS.

Get Forest Android | Forest iOS

10 Best Android Apps Like Forest To stay focused & beat Smartphone Addiction

 SPACE – Break phone addiction

Space is an amazing app that has been downloaded and used by more than 800,000 people to break their mobile phone addiction.  The app not only comes with tons of customizable features & functionalities but also lets you check the detailed history of the app and phone usage. You can set your own daily usage targets and modify them accordingly.
Get Space

TimeTune – Optimize your Time

The TimeTune App increases your productivity by improving your daily routine. It is more like a routine schedule planner to stay organized and distributed with time. You can set daily, weekly or custom routines based your usage and get their stats. The statistics will help you track your habits and will show your room for improvement. You can also design schedules for other people and send to them or You can also share yours.

Social Fever – Beat Smartphone addiction

It is one of the powerful and effective apps that helps you to monitor how much time you have spent on your device. You can easily unplug your digital life to get some quality time in real world. You can set the alert notifications to alert you every time when you exceed your set time on your screen. The app provides last one-week report to show a pattern of specific app usage.
Get Social Fever

QualityTime – My Digital Diet

As the name reflects, QualityTime is a simple and fun app that make sure you spend some quality time without getting distracted with your smartphones. It is an easy-to-use Android app that is capable of tracking and monitoring your real-time reports that how much time you have spent on your device. You can also create a QualityTime account to view the detailed usage history for up to 6 months.
Get Quality Time

(OFFTIME ) – Distraction Free

OFFTIME is an incredible Android tracker that monitors your daily practice to distract you from the virtual world. It is a productivity booster app that helps you to focus on your work and save time for people who really care for you. After using OFFTIME you can surely have some peace of mind by blocking the unwanted calls, texts, and notifications.

AppBlock – Stay Focused

It is a mind-blowing app that saves you from the pain of getting distracted with every notification you receive.  AppBlock lets you block every single app that effects your productivity or studies during the exam times. Best of all, you can split up and limit your screen time for every app for each day like 10 minutes for Facebook and 5 minutes for Instagram.
Get AppBlock

AppDetox – Digital Detox

AppDetox is a fantastic app that is developed by AppDocs to helps its users to reduce the time duration they spent on the smartphone. As the name says, AppDetox makes sure you spend more time in the real world than digital and take a digital detox. You can simply use the app and set your own rules for your apps to detox from some heavy usage.
Get AppDetox

Phone Addiction Blocker

Indeed, Phone Addiction Blocker is a useful app for the people who are interested in controlling their smartphone addiction. It is an intuitive app that lets you lock your smartphone screen to ensure your valuable time.
Get Phone Addiction Breaker

AntiSocial: phone addiction

AntiSocial is an unbelievable app that not only helps to monitor your cell phone usage but also helps to block and control your distractions with a touch of your finger. Best of all, it is an ad-free app that comes with an extremely user-friendly interface.
Get AntiSocial

Checky – Phone Habit Tracker

Checky is another one of the great phone tracker apps that helps you to improve your habit of checking your mobile phone in every 5 minutes. It is an effective yet painless way to avoid your phone and utilize the same time for better. Like other smartphone trackers, it also provides exact info that for how long you’ve used your mobile.
Get the Checky
So, these are our best Android apps to Stay Focused & beat smartphone addiction. Apart from getting rid of your addiction, these apps also serve as best Alternatives for Forest App. These Android Apps like Forest also help you check how much time you’ve spent on your screen while keeping you away from Phone.


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