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10 Safest & Most Secure web Browsers for Android & iOS.

All the major Web browser by name Chrome, Firefox, Edge collects the user data to will use that for targeting Ads and showing relevant searchers. But if you want to be more private and leave no trace to get yourself out of Ad-targeting & to get more control over scripts, there few Safe & secure Web browsers out there. We have solved out for 10 Safest & Most secure Web browsers for Android & iOS and listed out down there.
It is common to believe that the daily browsers we use are secure. Few others also blindly believe in secure padlock symbol. The information between your browser and server; So it is safe to submit the passwords that what actually padlock symbol represents. Other than this, we get that extra mile of security we can also disable trackers, which are nowadays used to track your searches to display Ads & Video Ads. With the recent upward thrust of bitcoin, few sites are using automated scripts to use you are machine hardware as bitcoin miner (that’s a long story in short).
 Beside anonymity, Removing or Blocking of Ads & trackers also helps to load the web pages a bit faster. So its always good idea to these secure browser rather using an incognito mode. Let quickly get into 10 Safest & Most Secure web Browsers for Android & iOS.

10 Safest & Most Secure web Browsers for Android & iOS.

Firefox Focus:

In 2017, Firefox released its own private version of its browser and it quickly became popular. The term Focus represents to create a private & easy to focus browsing environment. It blocks all unwanted Ads, trackers and You can clear all your cookies & cache leaving no trace. It is also almost identical to the firefox in terms of looks & performance. Firefox focus is available for both Android & iOS  

Brave browser:

Before the Firefox focus, it is the Most secure web browser for Android & iOS phones out there. Still, it is very good option to browse painlessly while maintaining much-needed security. It has all private browsing options with Adblocker and tracker disabler. It is also optimized for speed and battery performance. Browser Brave is available for both Android & iOS.


The DuckDuckGo simplifies the privacy & provides easy security for the users. It helps you escape from the creepy internet Adverts, Tracker networks, And also increases encryption by forcing it. There is also a private search option to get the results with any history & data collection.For easy filtering, It displays the privacy grade rating for each site you visit.
DuckDuck Go is available for both Android & iOS

Yandex Browser:

Yandex is multinational company and its search engine fifth famous after Google, Baidu, Bing & Yahoo. It is the most used Search engine in Russia due to privacy features & security. Yandex also has a private web browser for users of Android, iOS & Windows. The browser comes with Extension support, customization features, Ad -blocking, Turbo mode for downloading. This is the full pledged and secure web browser for Android & iOS.
available for both Android & iOS


The Ghostery is also an another Privacy Browser to increase your protection, privacy & also speed. The core features of this browser include Web whitelisting, blocking of trackers with its large database of 2200 trackers & 4500 scripts. Users can also block specific trackers by getting the instant overview of trackers on the site. Moreover, the browser is lightweight with only 2.1 MB and requires minimal permissions to function.
Ghostery is available for both Android & iOS   

# Orfox (Onion TOR browser + VPN for iOS):

Orfox is Tor browser for android & built from the same source code (ultimately built on Firefox). This browser comes with NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere add-ons to improve the user security & privacy.
Users can also access blocked with help of Tor network. But to connect to the Tor network, users also need Orbot app for Android installed.
Download Orfox for Android
Although Orfox is not directly available for iOS, there is similar App Onion TOR browser + VPN for iOS to secure yourself.

Private web browser:

The Private web browser is iOS only web browser to surf anonymously. This app is completely free without Ads. Other features include FULL SCREEN (13% MORE VIEWING AREA), built on safari browsing engine, maximum speed, etc. The browser completely deletes the data once the user ends the session leaving no trace.

Private web browser-iOS

TOR browser for the Private web:

This is another option for iOS users. The browser comes with TOR support to visit the blocked and deep web. It is a good alternative for the above-mentioned browsers for iOS users. It has many private functions to keep the things secure.

TOR browser for the Private web – iOS


InBrowser is another private web browser for Android. It brings the support for TOR and incognito video playing. It leaves no data and erases everything with no trace once you left the session. You can unblock any site by using tor network, which further requires Orbot for Android. Other features include switch between different search engines, No Ads & trackers, integration with LastPass Password manager. Either the size of this not very large and very light on performance too.

Inbrowser for Android

Armorfly (CM browser):

CM (Cheetah Mobile) is well-known name on Android playstore for its suite of Android Utility Apps. The Armorfly browser offers the secure private web browsing for the Android users. Its features include Ad-blocking, Video downloading support, private browsing with no trace. The site also scanned through antivirus engine. Other features include download acceleration, speed dial, page translator, etc.
Download Armorfly for Android
In our list of Safest & most secure web browsers for Android & iOS; We have not included major & popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Edge. It no means indicates that they are not secure. These Safe & Most Secure Web browsers are to add an extra layer of security to protect your privacy. You can also actually achieve that by installing few Add-on plugins on Chrome/Firefox (Ad Blockers, Pop-up blockers). More securely, you can shift to one of those secure web browsers, a few of them built based on chromium/firefox. For any suggestions to list, please comment below.


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