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Download ODIN v3.12.3 to Install Firmware/TWRP on Samsung Devices

Odin is the Official Flashtool for the Samsung devices provided by Samsung. It is primarily intended to flash or Install official firmware on Samsung devices. It can also be used to unlock the bootloader of any Samsung device. Unlocking the bootloader allows the users to install or flash Custom recovery like TWRP, as well as flashing of Custom ROMs. Any Samsung device can be unlocked by installing suitable TWRP image using Samsung’s ODIN flash tool. Now, Let’s look into how to use the ODIN to Install Firmware/TWRP on your Samsung Device. Before that Download ODIN v3.12.3 (Latest version) using the link below. It is even valid for all previous version too.

ODIN Update: Check here to Download ODIN v3.12.10 & All Previous Versions All older versions [Odin_v3.12.7 to v1.70]

Link to Download ODIN v3.12.3 [Latest]:

  • Download ODIN v3.12.3
  • In case of Flashing Firmware, Download the Official Firmware zip file from a reliable source. Then extract the ZIP file and remember that this file should be in ” .bin, .tar or 8.tar.MD5 ” file types because Samsung’s Odin tool is compatible with these extensions only.
  • To Install TWRP recovery on a Samsung device, One should download their respective TWRP in .tar format (Not in the regular .img format ) from Official TWRP website.

Steps to Use ODIN Flash tool:

  1. Download ODIN from the links above to Download the zip file and Extract it.
  2. Look for ODIN.exe and Run the file as admin. (Right-click on file >> Run as administrator)
  3. Power off your device and then Hold Power, Home, and Volume up buttons to boot into download mode.
  4. Now connect your device using the USB cable. Also, make sure your PC has Samsung USB drivers installed and also USB debugging is enabled.
  5. As soon you connect the device, a box in leftmost section, lights up blue and also a description on the bottom says Added.
  6. Select AP slot and then select the Official Firmware file of your device or TWRP file (.tar) of your device in the above-specified formats (most of the times, it will be in .tar format)
  7. Uncheck the Auto Reboot option in the top section of ODIN and then Click on Start to start the flashing process.
  8. On successful completion, you must see the box lighting up in the green pass.
  9. Now reboot into the TWRP and accept the allow modifications to prevent your OS from replacing the TWRP recovery.
  10. If you accidentally reboot your device, without allowing modifications and found TWRP to be missing, then repeat the process and allow modifications this time.
Once you have TWRP successfully installed, you can now easily flash your Su zips and Custom ROMs on your Samsung device. Refer our Ultimate guide, How to use TWRP recovery. 


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