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Top 10+ Best Video Downloader Apps for Android to Grab Online Videos

Video Content has become most enjoyable in the world of internet. Youtube being the main player for it, several channels use to promote their brand/movies. Other video streaming like Vimeo, Hotstar, Openload are too far and had their unique type of content. While downloading each and every video is not legal, unless there is a download button provided on the site. It is also illegal to forcefully claim that work to be yours or plagiarising it. Just be careful how you are using it. Here, we are providing Top 10 Best Video downloader Apps for Android to Grab the Almost any online video.
As Youtube is popular video platform, we have curated the separate list based on our previous posts. Later, we also included other Video downloader Apps to download the Embedded videos online from major streaming sites like Vimeo, openload etc.

Youtube Video downloader Apps for Android:

Talking about Youtube video downloaders, there are a handful of Youtube Video downloader Apps for Android. But you won’t find any youtube downloaders on play store due to the Youtube terms. Its Terms Of Service explicitly states that you should not download any content unless a download is shown on YouTube. Also, most of the content today on youtube is downloadable using their download offline button. And it is Ok until you use it properly for personal use.
Previously we had covered 10 New & Best Alternatives to OG YouTube. While OG  youtube itself acts as youtube downloader, it is no longer receiving updates. If downloading videos from Youtube is your primary concern; We suggest you try these equally good youtube video downloader Apps mentioned below. Some of these also support downloading from numerous video sharing sites alongside youtube.Top 10+ Best Video downloader Apps to download Online & Embedded Videos:

# VGet:

vGet is a popular online video downloader & grabber available as Android App (also for Chrome as an extension). It supports many embedded sites like Openload, stream mango and able to grab the videos from them, making downloadable. It is available on Playstore and also on chrome web store for download. Just copy the URL of the page/video, paste the address into the App and it scan and return you with downloadable video files. It is not perfect video downloader that works every time but works most of the times.

# FVD:

Free Video Downloader App is a utility tool for downloading videos from multiple websites. But there is catch here, it won’t be supporting youtube. And the app is available on play store and can be downloaded for free. The App itself is easy to operate and lets you choose the download location before you download. Now go to the desired website with your favourite browser or in application browser tab. Then an FVD download icon will appear to get that video. If you like the app and it suits your functionality you can the premium add-on to remove Ads or you can stay free.

# UC Browser:

The name itself describes, this not a downloader. Rather a browser with video grabbing option. Using it, you will be able to almost download any video from any site. Just Open the streaming from which you want to download the video. Play the video & let the video load for first few minutes and then you will see a download symbol. Tap on the download symbol and download will begin in few seconds.
Another advantage is the browsers supports several Add-ons and you can get some amazing features like Adblock, PDf reader, video player, file manager, super fast downloader etc. It is first and only ever browser with all these facilities. UI of the browser is bit tricky and you will time is get used to if you are from chrome. Apart from it, you will find the UC notifications annoying with worthless news appearing on your notification panel.

# AVD:

Android Video Downloader is a  Free & best/Video downloader app with more than 50 million downloads. The download of your favourite videos is a simple four-step process using this App.
First open the link of the video you are interested in, load & play the video, press the download icon on the top right, your videos will be saved locally. It is far more simple video downloader App out in the playstore. Reviews wise, this app is receiving mixed ratings. It is understandable as with such large user base, users will vary among older and newer Android versions.

# TubeMate:

TubeMate is another third-party video downloader app for android with excellent features. It has an easy to use elegant UI and supports video downloads from numerous video streaming platforms. You should open the site form the built-in browser and You can download the video from that site.
Users will also an option to choose the file format, the quality and size before downloading the video. The App also supports download video as Mp3 music, but that requires additional MP3 converter App. Overall, the TubeMate is capable video downloader App for Android, but you have a deal with annoying Ads appearing in between.
Download TubeMate

# Videoder:

Videoder is another powerful video downloader App for Android. It supports downloading from various top video streaming sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It also allows online streaming of videos besides downloading in all multiple formats available. Further, the App has impressive UI with customizable options, Night mode, built-in-video player, themes, etc. Finally, You can also choose between the quality you want.
As most of the video downloader Apps, the Videoder is also not available in the Play Store. You should download from its official site and install manually on the device. The App contains Ads if you find them annoying you should get the videoder premium plugin from play store.
Download Videoder

# InsTube:

InsTube is an excellent & reliable video downloader App for Android. Using this App you can download videos of varying quality from 20+ networking sites. Much similar to vid mate in terms of design, Instube also allows selecting from video qualities available up to 4K. In Addition, InsTube comes with a private video locker which to hide the videos you need and also a Free MP3 music downloader. The APK of the app is security verified by three Antivirus software and is safe to download.
Download Instube from its official site.

# Snaptube:

Snaptube is there for a long time and also one of the best Android video downloader Apps. This video downloader lets you download videos from 27 other video sharing platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram Tumblr, etc. The App has a good looking interface and straightforward to use. You can also download the MP3 backgrounds the videos you like without any further Add-ons. Although the App the is completely free, you should face intermittent Ads that pop-up while using.
Download Snaptube

# Vidmate:

Vidmate is a well known and also one the best video downloaders Apps for Android out there. Not only videos, it also lists the latest music, movies and TV shows with their download sources. It offers them in various quality & resolution to choose from, before you start the download. It also comes with efficient downloader which downloads the videos faster using it parallel download features. It used to be all good those days, but with increasing users Ads on the App also gradually increased. If you are ready to manage the Ads, it is still one of the best video downloader Apps for Android.
Download VidMate

# iTube:

The only Video downloader App with its presence on both iOS and Android. The unique features of this App are that turns the Youtube into your music player. It is youtube red functionality to listen to the music background. Apart from this, the App has other features of video & mp3 downloading. Although the app is not on playstore you can get it from Amazon app store or Samsung galaxy app store. Apple users can get it from the Apple App store.

Hope, you find this comprehensive list of Best Video downloader Apps for Android useful. With youtube allowing offline downloads and release of Youtube Go users are finding the video downloading more easy and useful. However, these third-party apps on this list supports several other video platforms. With many alternatives available, you can shift between different apps to find your app of choice. Moreover, the apps on the list comes free with little Ads & no big deals.
As most of the Apps in this list are the third party, You should enable manual App installations from security settings in case you haven’t enabled it previously. To do that, First, go to Settings > Security. Search for “Unknown sources” and Tap on the check mark. A warning will pop-up, accept it. Also, we recommend using these apps properly with clicking much on the Ads, which may continuously redirect to other unnecessary sites. For any issues, please comment below.


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